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What a Great Start to the New Year

Thank you thank you thank you to absolutely everyone who voted for me in the Downda Road Radio Irish country song of the year competition. To hear my name being called as the winner just now was a huge and emotional moment for me. I am over the moon.

To think a self penned song I’ve written myself could be loved by so many people makes me the happiest person in the world !

The list of artists I was up against were second to none so it was naturally a very tough call and what super songs they had also.

Huge thanks to the wonderful Wayne Thorose of Ballyrose Media Recording Studio for recording and producing the song. I couldn’t have wished for a better outcome, and to Debra Dowler for the promotion work of it all. That the team on Downda Road Radio, Mags McGagh and Mike Gleeson, were even considering my song in the top 25 is amazing.

Finally thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart for helping me win this absolutely amazing title for my self penned song I am I’m such shock and disbelief but going into 2022 one very happy girl.

Of course to the man I have no doubt was helping me along the way this whole time, Grandad, this one is for you.

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